Oolong | 烏龍茶 手工香薰蠟燭

Oolong | 烏龍茶 手工香薰蠟燭

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Product Description




The idea of creating an oolong tea fragrance dates back to late 2021 when we held a workshop on how to create one's own oolong tea scent. Since then, we have received numerous inquiries from friends asking if we would launch an oolong tea fragrance. However, due to cost concerns, we were unable to make it happen.

At the beginning of this year, we revisited the formula, exploring ways to reduce production costs while maintaining the complexity of the scent. After several revisions, we realized that instead of cutting costs, it would be better to add new fragrance elements to make the original formula more complex. As a result, we decided to create a more layered version.

For this oolong tea fragrance, in addition to retaining the original tea leaf scent elements, we also added the aromas of jasmine and bergamot, while reducing the herbal notes, making the overall scent softer and more harmonious. Although we incorporated jasmine and bergamot, our interpretation of the oolong tea fragrance still focuses on its sweet aroma and the dry sensation of tea leaves.


Product Details


燃燒時間:30 小時 (140g) / 20 小時 (100g) 




Scent description: Oolong tea, jasmine, bergamot 

Burning time: 30 hours (140g) / 20 hours (100g) 

Main ingredients: Soy wax, coconut wax, plant oil 

Origin: Handmade in Hong Kong

How Does It Work


To achieve the best results and avoid the candle from sinking in the center, please burn until the surface of the candle is completely melted.