Expelli Mosquito | 驅蚊走 室內除臭蠟燭

Expelli Mosquito | 驅蚊走 室內除臭蠟燭

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然後有一天看到篇研究文章測試油燈中加入苦楝油(Azadirachta indica)是否能驅蚊的實驗。最後實驗發現在油燈中使用苦楝油能有效將蚊驅趕至室外,並且燃燒後對人體是無害。



甚麼是 OdorSentry 系列? 

有別於一般用香味掩蓋難聞的氣味,OdorSentry 系列的蠟燭加入了美國專利除臭配方,當蠟燭燃燒時會將除臭分子會散發於空間之中,會與發出惡臭的分子結合,從而令其散發臭味的特性失效,臭味分子被中和後會隨時間下沉並蒸發。

OdorSentry 系列對以下的臭味特別有效:



In summer, mosquitoes often become a nuisance, so we began looking for ways to repel them. We had always heard that citronella-scented candles could deter mosquitoes, but after some research, we found many articles stating that citronella candles are not effective for mosquito repellence, so we abandoned this approach.

One day, we came across a research article testing whether adding Neem oil (Azadirachta indica) to oil lamps could repel mosquitoes. The experiment found that using Neem oil in oil lamps effectively drove mosquitoes outdoors, and it was safe for humans after burning. We wondered if the same effect could be achieved if it was added to candles. After adjusting the proportions, we made a batch of candles mixed with Neem oil and gave them to friends who were troubled by mosquitoes to test. The results were satisfying; those who used the candles felt less bothered by mosquito bites and even noticed mosquitoes leaving the room.

Seeing these results, we decided to go one step further and use the formula in conjunction with a deodorizing formula. This way, the candle not only repels mosquitoes but also clears unpleasant odors in the room, making it perfect for those of us who prefer straightforward solutions.


What is the OdorSentry Collection?

Unlike regular candles that simply mask unpleasant odors with fragrances, the OdorSentry Series candles are formulated with a patented deodorizing formula from the United States. When these candles burn, they release deodorizing molecules into the air, which then bond with the molecules responsible for producing unpleasant odors. This neutralizes the characteristics of the odor-causing molecules, causing them to lose their ability to emit odors, and eventually sink and evaporate over time.


The OdorSentry Series is particularly effective against the following odors: Smoke, post-barbecue smoke, cooking fumes, musty odors from mold, vomit smells, bathroom and toilet odors, odors from decomposing garbage, fishy smells, and more.



燃點時間:55 小時 (260g) / 30 小時 (140g) 




Scent description: Citrusy Orange

Burning time: 55 hours (260g) / 30 hours (140g) 

Main ingredients: Soy wax, coconut wax, plant oil 

Origin: Handmade in Hong Kong




To achieve the best results and avoid the candle from sinking in the center, please burn until the surface of the candle is completely melted.