Lava Custard | 流心奶黃  手工香薰蠟燭
Lava Custard | 流心奶黃  手工香薰蠟燭

Lava Custard | 流心奶黃 手工香薰蠟燭

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Product Description



During Mid-Autumn Festival, nothing is more delightful than the moment when you put a lava custard mooncake into the oven to reheat it. As soon as you cut the mooncake, the fragrant aroma of custard fills the air, making it almost impossible not to finish the entire thing in one go.

In order to recreate this blissful atmosphere, we specially introduced a "lava custard" scented candle that captures the classic aroma of freshly baked custard!


Product Details


燃燒時間:30 小時 (140g) 




Scent description: Custard, salted egg yolk, vanilla

Burning time: 30 hours (140g)

Main ingredients: Soy wax, coconut wax, plant oil 

Origin: Handmade in Hong Kong

How Does It Work


To achieve the best results and avoid the candle from sinking in the center, please burn until the surface of the candle is completely melted.